Connecting essential workers to essential items

Essential workers on the frontline need your help. Send a package of household items you already own—without leaving your home.

How does this work?

Give Essential lets you send your extra household items directly to an essential worker who needs them, providing a way to support the frontline from your home. If you have any supplies or funds to share, you can help make a tangible, direct difference!

During this pandemic, we have asked essential workers to risk their lives so that our communities can stay safe at home. But who protects them? Give Essential serves to bring our communities together to give back to our essential workers. We all have extra stuff—board games collecting dust, extra shampoo bottles from hotels—why not share them with someone who needs them? Anything that you can share will go directly to an essential worker in need.

How are we defining “essential worker”? An essential worker is anyone who has to risk their health in order to make ends meet and/or is unable to work from home.

Examples: Postal workers, delivery shopper/drivers, retail personnel, fast-food workers, grocery personnel, bank tellers, EMT

I'm interested! What now?

1. Sign up

Essential workers and donors both fill out forms letting us know what items essential workers need and what items donors have to share.

Essential workers are asked to provide proof of employment.

2. We create matches

Within the next few days, Give Essential will match essential workers and donors based on needs and requests.

Ex: An essential worker who is having trouble taking care of their kids will be matched with a donor with extra toys.

Categories of donations: cleaning supplies, masks, personal hygiene products, feminine hygiene products, kids activities, gift cards

3. Gift delivery

Give Essential will email the donor information about their match (the essential worker they can help!) and instructions for sending their donations.

They will then send their gift directly to an essential worker in need!

How to ship: From the house using USPS's Click and Ship, post office package drop-off, or through an online order

Featured Donation Requests

Read about some of the essential workers you can help.

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